Self-Empowerment Women’s Retreat in Switzerland

5-day immersion with Marta Komosa from Bali 
Daily yoga with Jessica Didcock from Banana Yoga

Becoming the Queen of your Life” Foundation course 

Explore yourself. 
Open your heart.
Surrender to the mystery of your life. 
Impact the world.

This workshop is for YOU if:

  •  You feel frustrated, stuck or powerless about any areas of your life and you don’t know how to shift it;
  • Life doesn’t feel fullfilling and aligned with your heart’s desires;
  • You don’t really know who you are in your core and what you desire in life;
  • You have troubles dealing with stress, anxiety, life’s speed and pressure;
  • You don’t feel feminine or powerful as a woman;
  • You wish to start living a more consciously life and need support.

During this workshop you will:

  • Explore yourself on a deep but tangible level;
  • Uncover your blocking beliefs, unhealthy patterns, stuck emotions and learn how to shift and release them;
  • Learn how to take responsibility for your own happiness every day;
  • Learn practical tools for being more present, authentic and empowered in your daily life;
  • Learn how to handle stress and anxiety in a holistic way;
  • Learn how to cleanse yourself from toxic energy in your life and chargé your own batteries in any situation;
  • Connect with your true feminine wisdom and power and use that to improve relationships in your life; 
  • Meet amazing women who can become your tribe of suport;
  • Move your body, eat nourishing food, connect with nature, breathe, laugh, cry, dance, release, relax; 
  • Get more energized, creative and ready to impact the world through being the real YOU;
  • Embody the Queen of your own life, that you are!
We are so thrilled to invite you to this first ever „Become the Queen of your Life” foundation course, which was born through us, Emily and Marta, meeting in Bali, doing lots of profound transformational work togehter and deciding to bring it back to where we both root from, Europe, as a gift from our hearts.

What this retreat is about? 

This 5-day workshop is designed as an intensive immersion into the transformational work we, modern women of the West, need, to be able to come back to the roots of being a WOMAN.

During our time together we will be: 

  • Learning how to listen to our bodies, emotions and intuition and trust that;
  • Connecting to our real inner power instead of manipulation, passive agression and other unhealthy ways women try to fight for their place;
  • Learning to recognize our wounds and take charge for our own healing process;
  • Becoming the example of vulnerability, courage, honesty and authenticity that we want to see in our relationships; 
  • Learning how to recognize our needs, desires and rights from the place of wholeness;
  • Exploring what healthy boundries are and how to set tchem in our lives;
  • Exploring what the healthy balance of giving and receiving is for us
  • Letting go of beliefs, mindsets and behaviours that makes us feel small, disempowered and stop us from living life fully. 

How it is done? 

Each day we will experience a mix of holistic methods, including movement (yoga/dance), meditations, self-exploration psychological tools, sharings, deep conversations, rituals and ceremonies, so that at the end of the workshop each of you can go home with a personalized set of tools that work for you and suport your personality and path best. 
You will also receive a workbook, plenty of material and inspirations, to continue your journey back home. 

Who will guide me?

Marta Komosa – workshops & ceremonies

Marta, originally from Poland, is a holistic mentor, meditation guide and healer, who moved to Bali in 2013 to pursue her path of conscious living. At the time of relocating to Bali (age 30), she has already lived in a few European countries, married a foreigner, changed her career a few times, divorced and was in the phase of asking big questions about her identity, her roots, spirituality, the Bigger Picture and her real purpose in life. All this resulted in a call and intuition to move to Bali, where she hadn’t been before. Bali welcomed her and opened doors to a deep self exploration, healing and empowerment. During her own journey, she studied various healing modalities (incl. ThetaHealing, reiki energy healing, innerdance and more) and surrendered to her own gifts in guiding, supporting others. She believes wholeheartedly in learning through real life experiences and is passionate about creating a safe space for people to grow, heal and transform.
She is the founder of Transform Retreats and hosts private and group transformative immersions, as well as Holistic Parenting retreats, in Bali and in Europe, as well as face-to-face and online mentoring and healing sessions. She is a mother to 2.5-year-old Miki.

Jessica Didcock (RYT500) – yoga classes:

Jess studied medicine in her hometown Vienna. During her years at University unforeseen health issues led her to take charge of her life and it was then that her interest in sports, nutrition, self-study, meditation, altruism and environmental issues has grown. Yoga, combining all these concepts at once, became the resource for her body and mind. She desired to get a deeper insight of the physical and philosophical studies by attending a Yoga teacher training. In the summer of 2018, she obtained her certificate of teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Vidya Heisel, founder of FLY International. Although this journey evolved from a personal approach in search of sanity and health, she quickly got excited to teach and share her enthusiasm for Yoga and pass on its benefits to others. Since then she has been offering regular classes and workshops in Switzerland, while continuing her work as a doctor in emergency medicine. Currently she holds the certificate of the advanced Yoga teacher training 500 RYT with FLY and the Yin Yoga teacher training 50 RYT with Josh Summers, always continuing to attend workshops and further trainings, also developing a practice of Yoga therapy to integrate and combine her passion for medicine and Yoga.
The atmosphere created in Jess’ classes is focused and joyful. Her classes are dynamic, fluid and stimulating, strengthening and lengthening the body as a whole. Sometimes they can become quite challenging, but they always offer modifications to adapt to all levels and all body types. The sequences are creative and intelligent, while respecting safe alignment and anatomy. A typical Flow class will include a short meditation, centering and breathing exercise, a slow warm up of all major joints followed by strengthening, more vigorous movements either with a general theme or leading to a peak pose. Finally after deeply opening and stretching poses each session ends with a deep relaxation, often including elements of Thai massage with essential oils. During the course, Jess constantly gives technical and anatomical cues, encouraging students to correct their alignment and understand the mechanism of postures and movements as well as their own body. Her knowledge of medicine allows a therapeutic view on the physical and mental Yoga practices.

Emilie Bruelhart – Participants’ Happiness Fairy; herbs & cooking workshop.

Camille Bruelhart: ritual body painting workshop;

Are your READY to:

Clean your inner closet from what is holding you back?
Stand in your power without overpowering others?
Open your heart with courage and surrender?
Start living your life like a Queen? 

Then SIGN UP now!

Example of a daily schedule:

7:00 – 7:30 Morning rituals/tea & snack
7:30 – 9:00 Chakra Opening Yoga with Jessica
9:00 – 10:00 Breakfast buffet
10:00 – 13:00 Workshop time with Marta 
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch 
14:00 – 16:30 Rest time/Individual work/Private sessions
16:30 – 18:00 Workshop time with Marta 
18:00 – 19:00 Dinner
19:00 – 21:00 Evening sharing circle/yoga or ceremony


WHEN: July 24th-29th, 2020
Start: Friday, July 24th: Welcome dinner and ceremony, from 18:00.
End: Wednesday, July 29th, 15:00.


Hotel Stelserhof/Hof de Planis, Stels, Switzerland
Charming small hotel with great workshop and yoga facilities in the heart of Swiss mountains. 
Accommodation in double rooms. 
Possible upgade to single rooms.

HOW: Retreat will be hosted in English. 

ACCESS: 1h30min car ride or 2h train ride from Zurich. 


EARLY BIRD PRICE: 1400 CHF for bookings before 31/03/2020. 


  • 5 nights in a double room 
  • 3 nourishing vegetarian meals a day and healthy snacks
  • 8h of workshops and classes per day;
  • Daily yoga/movement practice (5 classes of yoga and 1 class of ecstatic dance);
  • Opening & closing ceremony
  • Fire ceremony
  • Daily meditations
  • All additional sessions of the retreat program 
  • Gift from Bali
  • Workbook and materials.

Possible to add: 

  • Upgrade to a single room: 150CHF
  • Private healing and mentoring sessions with Marta: 100 CHF/90min or 75CHF/60min 
  • Private yoga classes with Jessica: 50 CHF/60min 
  • Yoga massage session with Jessica: 90 CHF/ 60min or 50 CHF/30min 

Not included in the package:

  • Transporttion to and from the retreat
  • Personal insurance.

Got all the information? 
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This is an intimate group setting, limited spots apply. 
Sign up now!

Can’t wait for you to join our Queen’s Tribe.
it will be epic. 
And if you decide so, it will change your life. 

With love and gratitude,

Marta, Emilie & Jessica