Anna, Poland

Whole adventure was really fantastic! Mostly thanks to Marta, who cared for us from the very beginning to the very end. She considered needs of everybody –the kids, youths and adults and advised all kinds of entertainment which we enjoyed ALL TOGETHER, which was soooo impotrant to us. It was amazing. Marta carefully helped to pick up the locations in Bali, hotels and activities that were fun for everyone. Great views, places and people that we will remember. Thanks, Marta! We hope to be back!

Celine, Switzerland

I contacted Marta as I was looking for healing and well-being activities during my stay in Ubud. Although it was very short notice, Marta managed to organize all the sessions and activties that I was looking for. As I could not join a full-time program due to my short stay, Marta helped me to pick those which were the most appealing to me. I am very thankful for all the efforts that she made for me to make sure that my experience in Ubud be unique and really transformative. Thank you, Transform Retreats! With love from Geneva, Celine

Arihia – Australia

Jana’s chanelling was a blessing and a gift from the divine, that has given me guidance, healing, wisdom, love, joy, friendship and power. Jana’s warmth and kindness is a wonderful ‘backdrop’ to the information that came through. I have been given great encouragement, connection and love through our meeting as I continue on my spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing you amazing gift with myself and the rest of the world. Inspiring, emotional and joyful. For any who are curious, or have specific questions, embark on this adventure with an open heart and your blessings will be revealed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Judith Onley, Author, JudithOnley.com

My experience with Jodi has shifted me in ways that I can’t even describe to empower me to move forward in my life and my expression with a deep knowing that we are all here to soar.

Brenda – USA

Working with Marta was an extremely rich and rewarding experience. Her careful guidance and attention and intention were very much appreciated. Being in the deep pools of our consciousness is a sacred place and we must be with a trusted guide to go there. I felt very safe with Marta. Her gentleness and soothing voice assured me to allow this deep process to occur. Thank you Marta for your gift.

Rachel – USA

Marta is magnificent and unrelenting in her approach. She will dig until she gets to the root of the problem.

Sara Jackson, Owner, Urban Reiki

Jodi was able to ask me the right questions to get down to the bottom of what my fear was and that is when the transformation began. Step into fear and great things happen. So honoured to have met this person and have her in my life!

David – USA

Yes, you guys are truly amazing. (…)
Thank you Thank you Thank you again.